EU Environmental Laws Will Be Changed Post-Brexit

An EU flag flies above Parliament Square during a Unite for Europe march, in central London, Britain March 25, 2017. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

On the 30th March 2017 it was confirmed by government ministers that the entire body of environmental laws that already exists will be safe in UK law prior to Brexit. The laws that we have regarding the environment are derivative of EU environmental laws. This means that after Brexit they will be subject to change. Post Brexit laws and regulations regarding; waste, packaging, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and landfills are expected to change. The 30th of March confirmed that the laws will not change until Brexit has officially begun.

The government wanted to be clear on standards and make sure that business have the maximum certainty when it comes to the status of environmental laws after Brexit. This is to make sure that standards and regulations are still being met within the boundaries of the law. After Brexit, it could be a taxing time for businesses. They may not have had clarity on waste legislation or packaging legalisation and could be fined but ministers today have ensured that businesses will have certainty with regards to these regulations.

EU Environmental Laws will be Safeguarded Prior Brexit

The attentions of the government, businesses and local authorities will now turn to the ongoing negotiations with regards to the Circular Economy package. The Circular Economy package will replace the existing EU laws on waste and recycling. These are still being finalised and are crucial. This package is likely to be among the stipulations of the brought into the UK through the Great Repeal Bill. We are going to be facing some tough times ahead. The laws of this country will be up in the air but as long as we are prepared and stick to a fair regime we should be okay. At Virogreen, we will paying close attention to the environmental laws and how they are going to change post Brexit.