Details about different laboratory testing China


Lab testing of your products is the best way to make sure that your shipment is safe and up to date with all the regulations. If the shipping products are non-compliant and illegal, then you can expect a financial downtime. Your cargo can be seized by the associated custom authorities. Laboratory test proves the quality of different products and so the authenticity of the products. it is a complex process but a more important one to save your money.

Reason to go for lab testing:

Most of the shipping products should be regulated by different chemical restrictions or safety standards. For instance, shipping kid’s products from China to the USA should be regulated by the CPSIA. It needs the importers should present different test reports from a legal third party. Lab test reports of the shipping goods are just a simple document to prove that the shipping product is completely compliant with the required standards and regulations.

For some products of specific categories, the process of laboratory testing China is essential and in some cases, test reports are not mandatory.

Different types of lab test:

Appliances and electronics

There are many companies in China and Asia that offer tests for different types of products that offer testing of electric components, ROHS, EMF testing, voltage analysis, functional testing of different electronic products, and Proper hertz analysis of different products and so on. In a lab test, you get a complete report of your electronic appliances to ship from Asia. Laboratory testing china is essential to ensure that all the manufacturing process is right and to the point.

Pharmaceuticals and food major lab testing is important for Pharmaceuticals and food products. These tests include the complete checking of toxic elements in food or medicine, analysis of microbiological components, chemical and physical testing, Alkaline and acid testing, Viscosity and heavy metal testing of a food product, packaging leaching and so on.

Footwear, garments and textile testing

Before shipment, footwear items, garments, and textile items to be checked in a proper way. Most of the companies offer different tests like color Fastness, shrinkage test of garments, flammability of the products, the toxicity of a product, construction soundness and also check whether the products are safe for children.

Testing of eco-environmental components

It may include tests like Azo Dyes test, test for heavy metals or chromium, allergens disperse dye testing, test for formaldehyde, substances of Ozone-depleting, etc.

Testing for toys

Toys for the kids should come in the category of proper laboratory testing in china. It goes for the lab test to check for Toxicity, durability check, checking for mechanical functions of moving toys for kids, flammability of the products, test to check whether there is any heavy metal present in the products, toxicity of the package and so on.

Testing of physical properties

Another important test is checking the physical properties of a product. It contains a huge range of tests in a high-end lab.. it checks the brittleness, ash content, water transmission and absorption, deformation under the loading packages, density check of specific gravity, Rockwell, hardness checking, etc.