Consulting an employment lawyer in NJ for racial discrimination

racial discrimination

Workplace discrimination is way too common in New Jersey, despite existing federal and state laws that prohibit the same. More often than not, workers don’t understand the complexities of employment law, and as a result, they don’t take action when facing discrimination or harassment. If you believe that you have been a victim of racial discrimination, you must contact a New Jersey employment lawyer to know your legal options. In this post, we are sharing a few details about fighting racial discrimination.

Understanding racial discrimination

As the name suggests, racial discrimination is when an employee is mocked, denied a chance, or treated unfairly at work because of their race. The Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects employees against such discrimination. Also, it can be hard to understand if you have suffered discrimination. For example, if you are working in sales and are constantly being sent to the worst territories, unlike your colleagues, it could be a case of discrimination. In some cases, racial discrimination often refers to creating circumstances where an employee cannot perform or is asked to do menial jobs time and again.

Meeting an employment lawyer

Employers know that they cannot discriminate against employees based on race, age, sex, gender, and disability. As such, it can be hard to establish and prove workplace discrimination. It is wise to consult an attorney for your discrimination case to know if you can take action against your employees. Your first step should be about reporting racial discrimination, and if the employer tries to punish you for it, you may have a solid case. A skilled attorney can help in many ways, including –

  1. Offering a free evaluation of your claim
  2. Investigating the matter and determining strategy
  3. Collect evidence to bolster the case
  4. Talk to witnesses and experts
  5. Take the matter to trial, if needed

Racial discrimination is not something anyone should deal with. Times have changed, but it is also essential for employees to take legal action without worrying about consequences. Contact an attorney at the earliest to know your case and what you can expect in remedies. Some cases focus on just financial compensation and punitive damages, while others converge on justice and getting back what’s due. Your lawyer can offer an initial assessment of the case and plan a customized strategy to get a favorable outcome. Many of these cases are settled outside of court because a trial is always more expensive for everyone involved.