Affordable Luxury Serviced Office Space in the Heart of Liverpool


Liverpool is a bustling city that has always attracted North East businesses, and with a healthy economy on the horizon, it is the right time for small businesses to make their mark. Every business, no matter how small, requires some office space, and with a serviced office, everything is taken care of, leaving you to focus on developing your business.

  • Affordable and Functional – Stylish designs in a friendly ambience allow for multiple serviced offices to be contained within a building, and with all of the services you could possibly need on your door step, it makes for the ideal office environment. Before you think this would be out of your price range, luxury units start from just £100, making it affordable to all, and with a market leader, such as HubSquared, you have a guarantee of excellent service.

  • Managed Reception – There is always a trained receptionist to answer calls on the client’s behalf, and with a range of postal packages, there is something to suit all budgets. Image is a vital component of any successful business, and with the right serviced office, your company will be viewed as one that is on the up and up.

  • Meeting Room Facilities – As your office suite is centrally located, you also have the exclusive use of the meeting room facilities, which would include projector and screen, of course. Although it is possible to run a business online, one needs face to face meetings at certain stages of any project, so it is nice to have those facilities at your disposal.

  • CCTV Security – Manned 24-hour security that works in conjunction with a large network of CCTV cameras will ensure that your office remains safe. Crime is always a problem for business premises, but with a fully protected zone, the office accommodation is always well protected and manned at all times.

  • Essential Office services – There are times when we need to print or scan a lot of documents, and these services would be on hand, at a reasonable cost, and any other requirements a small business might have would likely be available within the office complex. Of course, one would expect hi-speed broadband, which is crucial to any business, and with Wi-Fi solutions, everyone has access.

  • Other Amenities – Car parking would always be available, and with a gym and shower section, one can refresh at any time and go back to work revitalised. There would also be a kitchen area, with free tea and coffee and also cold water, which makes for an ideal place to relax for a few minutes and change the scenery.

If you are thinking about starting a business and have yet to secure office space, then Liverpool is the ideal location, and with affordable serviced office space in a luxury setting, your business will have the perfect foundation from which to launch. The many benefits and small outlay make a serviced office ideal for any startup, and with a simple online search, you can locate a serviced office provider in your area.