6 Common Misconceptions About Being a Bookie


Sports gambling is evolving rapidly. It gets bigger year after year as it achieves legalization in more states. When the Supreme Court lifted the ban for sports betting, it became legal in many places in recognition of its economic importance. With this, now is a good time to be a bookie and start accepting sports bets. If this interests you, keep on reading as we talk about the misconceptions about being a bookie. 

  • It is Expensive 

One thing that discourages many people from starting a bookie business is the cost involved. However, the truth is that it does not have to be expensive. There are many options for affordable sportsbook software that you can use to get started. For instance, you can pick those with pay-per-head schemes, which means that payment will be based on the number of users of the platform. 

  • It Involves Real Money

When most people hear the word bookie, the first thing they think about is someone who accepts money for sports bets. Yes, that is the case, but this does not mean that actual wagers are often involved. You can also become a bookie by using fantasy sports betting websites. Check out Sharpbookie.com and see how this can give you an introduction to the business of being a bookie. 

  • You Need to be an Expert 

Your hesitation towards being a bookie might stem from your lack of confidence. However, being a bookie does not require you to be a professional. Even without experience, you can easily find your way. Using the right software can help as it will do the lines for you. Through the years, as you operate your bookmaking business, you will learn more. 

  • You Can Manipulate Matches 

Especially among players, many believe that bookies are capable of manipulating matches so that the business will earn more compared to what they are giving out. However, it is through an over-round that bookies make money and not through game-fixing. If you think that being a bookie will make our reach because you can fix games, this is clearly not the best business path for you. 

  • There’s No Need for Marketing 

As a bookie, you have to think of the best ways to promote your business. This is where marketing enters the picture. While this could mean additional expenses, consider this as an investment and not as an expense. From social media to email marketing, think of innovative ways to reach your target market. 

  • You Know Better 

Some bookies think highly of themselves. Do not be one of those! Bookies are just like humans, and hence, they can make false predictions. They can make mistakes. They are not capable of accurately predicting the outcome of a match. So, if you want to become a bookie, stay humble and be open to learning new things 

Interested in being a bookie? Make sure that you do not make the mistakes above!