5 Threats you should know before engaging into the cloud


Cloud computing is turning out to be the “IT” buzz word among those who are in the IT industry. With the onset of a new and revolutionary way of how companies and businesses operate, cloud computing will definitely not just change the way we do business. Cloud computing will affect the very lives of people. The premise is simple, cut down operation costs of companies by offering a computer system that will give all the applications a worker needs such as a word processor, a spreadsheet application, and e-mail capabilities. No need to purchase expensive software AND the license to operate the software. This will all be available in an online cloud system that has unlimited space and limitless speed. Companies can even save and cut expenses from buying expensive computers with a large memories. Check out datacom systems, for more information about cloud services. For those who are already using emails such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo they will already be familiar with the cloud system. The possibilities are limitless. It reaches as high as the heavens. But before one goes out and sells all the extra storage space and all the high end computers one has for ones’ company, you should look at the possible threats that come with cloud computing. In this article we will discuss 5 threats you should know before engaging into the cloud.

1. Middleware.

In cloud computing, there are three areas that make up the entire cloud system: the front end or the client, the middleware or the internet service provider, and the back end or the cloud system company that provides the service. We can be sure that the back end will provide the service that the clients will demand but what about the middleware? In some parts of the world where wifi and the internet are as basic as running water, this is not a problem but what about countries or parts and areas of a country that cannot provide ready and speedy internet service? One is then reliant on the internet service provider that is available in their area. This is crucial in making sure that the system works.

2. Privacy.

Since the client can pretty much access the information anywhere and on any platform, information and the privacy of the user is at stake.  You can just imagine the worst. What if the person needed to access some top secret file, and borrowed somebody’s IPad to access this. What if he forgot to logout from the cloud system? That file is now available to the IPad user.  That is why it is really important to have a proper authentitication process that guarantees that the files and information will be secured. You can check cloud security alliance for more information on cloud security.

3. Ownership of Information.

There is also a debacle going on about the ownership of the information being stored in the cloud system. Let’s say that an employee resigns. What happens to the files he has uploaded on the system? Granted, he will be denied access to the company’s cloud system. But what happens to the files, does the company own it? Does the cloud system service provider own it? These are discussions that are still philosophical in nature. One must really trace and understand this better to form a fair judgment.

4. Redundancy.

It is possible to save the same file and information in different servers to have a as a means of back-up. This means of contingency means that there is a redundancy of the information that one creates in the system. This is then a concern for the back end of the cloud computing system that they can assure their clients that their systems are safe, and will not be bogged down by the redundancy that is present in their servers.

5. Shift of orientation.

If cloud computing does become the next system we use as a means of doing business, there will be a shift in orientation of IT troubleshooting and repair companies. They will be virtually unnecessary. This is because the cloud computing system will be able to have its own regenerating maintenance and repair.

There are many implications that come with a system change. It is true for most things in life. But with the advancement that can be brought about by cloud computing, the benefits are far more than the threats. In this case, the sky’s the limit.