10 Tips for Picking Paint Color


What makes some places beautiful than others? Why some things seem more appealing than another one? Everything around us has a color that makes it look different from another and sometimes more attractive than other products or place.

When coloring our homes or places, it’s really important to have complete knowledge about color psychology, colors and its effects. It is the very first feature that catches the human eye while watching something. So its right usage is really important to us in homes and workplaces. Following are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing NYC paint colors to prevent any color blunder:

  1. Begin with small space

When you are not confirmed about what color to go with, it’s better to start with the bathroom or small space with less traffic in the house. But if you are making your own painting, it’s better to go for a region that is fast to finish up with, so as to receive the outcomes quicker. And if you didn’t like the color, you may change it easily.

You can begin by selecting colors from rugs, dishes, artwork or accessories or furniture in the room.

  1. Check your mood

Always keep in check the mood of the room, while choosing the color. If you are choosing a color for the bedroom, check the feeling you want there to be calming, comforting or romantic. Colors that are cool, soft and neutrals form a calmer feeling and strong, dark colors create a dramatic effect.

If you are choosing colors for the dining area, choose colors that are warm, contrasting and bright so as to create the socializing and stimulating environment.

And if you are deciding colors for children’s room, prefer some energetic and exciting colors. But make sure not choosing penetratingly bright colors that might lead to discontent and tempered.

  1. Focus on the lights

When choosing the correct color for your room, ensure that the color suits the room according to the lights. It shouldn’t be bright colors with a bright light that might make it painful or unbearable for eyes.

  1. Test the colors first

It’s preferable to test colors on small boards or larger portions of the wall. Try going out from your comfort zone. Choose colors that are strong, soft or deep neutrals like olive green or chocolate brown.  Make your room dramatic by applying strong colors on the ceiling.

  1. Adding visual textures

Make your walls appear more attractive by adding some delicate visual textures. You can also go for glossy metal finishing that will add depth to your walls. Some instances for metal finishes are mica, copper, bronze silver and gold.

  1. Try checking it by walking from room to room

Make sure that when you enter another room from the previous one, it doesn’t make you feel weird watching the colors. Always ensure that the colors of all the rooms are not completely different from each other that might make it look funny and strange. Always check that how the color goes from room to room.

  1. Getting it done in monochromes

It’s not important that applying different colors will make your room look beautiful. You can also go for monochromes or a single color with different shades. The ones who love their room to be simple and attractive at the same time can go for this option.

Keeping a check on all these tips will help you make the perfect color choice for your rooms in the house or workplace. NYC paint makes your walls look beautiful and also keeping your mood according to the room and environment.