Where is the Best Place to Register your Holding Company?


A holding company offers many benefits and these can differ depending on where the company is registered. Of course, one can form a company in most countries, providing the laws and regulations are adhered to, but the one European country that offers attractive benefits for the investor is Switzerland.

Rock Solid Economy

The veritable home of economic stability, Switzerland has long had a reputation for being the hub of European business, and if you are thinking of forming a holding company, Swiss Cantons offer attractive tax concessions. This is why there are so many holding companies and each Canton has their own taxation rates, with some being more attractive than others, and there are online organisations that facilitate the company registration on your behalf.

The Most Attractive Tax Rates

According to statistics, Switzerland has the lowest taxation rates for holding companies, and providing the company is not actively involved in business within the country, it can be registered in any of the Swiss Cantons. At present, Canton Zug is a very popular choice for foreign nationals who wish to register a holding company, and with professional guidance, you can reap the maximum benefits from the company formulation. Aside from having low taxation rates, Swiss holding companies offer a level of anonymity, as well as lower personal tax rates, and by enlisting the help of a local expert, the company formulation can be completed in a short period of time.

Additional Services

Many people who register holding companies in Switzerland have no working knowledge of the complex taxation system and would not know how to go about forming such a company in a foreign country, however, there are online companies who specialise in helping to register holding companies in Switzerland. They are also able to arrange essential office services for your new Swiss company, which includes setting up all your IT needs.

Administration Services

Once the holding company is registered, you might require administration services, which could include the following:

  • Maintaining Accounts and creating financial reports
  • Creating and filing tax and VAT returns
  • Office services (mail forwarding and message taking)
  • Provision and administration of registered office address

Additional services can easily be arranged depending on the client’s needs, and with the help of a resident Swiss expert, your business affairs will always be in order.

Worldwide Prestige

In the modern business world, image is everything, and having your holding company registered in Switzerland offers the most prestigious business address, which instills confidence in all your clients. The infrastructure is such that your new offices are within easy reach, only a few hours flight time from any European country, and with a range of additional services on offer, whatever you require is easily arranged.

The future looks bright for the Swiss economy, and because it is outside the EU, there are other benefits for holding companies. If you would like to know more about this attractive venue, there are online experts who are there to guide you.