How Online Assessment Benefits HR Systems

Online assesment

Businesses today are mindful of the pitfalls of bad hiring decisions ̶ untimely attrition and resource wastage. The HR systems are more adept in seeking confirmed tools and approaches to not only simplify the hiring process but also optimize on the talent and its productivity in the long-run. Post the evolution of social network sites and rise of mobile, eHiring and online assessment platforms, HR departments in companies across the world are rampantly deploying quantitative approaches like cognitive and personality assessment tests and psychometric exams to accurately measure the skills and capabilities of a potential candidate.

Also, it is no secret that both recruiters and applicants rely on social media like LinkedIn and Glassdoor over traditional hiring practices like campus placements and reaching external head-hunter. There are multitudinous benefits of applying online assessment techniques and tools to the organizations and their HR departments. Let us explore a few:

Reduce Average Time-to-hire: Be it for job search, background verification, research on the reviews and ratings on employee compensation, benefits, company culture, vision and other relevant information, both employer and the candidate prefer full transparency to carry out hiring procedures. With online assessment, HR personnel can screen and run eligibility of candidates based on their experience and skills at a fast pace.

Lower Average Cost Per Hire: HR departments can avoid unnecessary expenditure and administrative overheads such as travel, accommodation, payments to the external interview and selection personnel by directly reaching employees and screening their eligibility online. Even companies with hiring freeze or those affected with economic and market crisis can benefit from online assessment by selecting the best at very minimal cost and intervention.

Accurately Test, Predict and Measure Skills: The pre-employment screening systems help predict performance and run tests without the worry of malpractices or cheat codes to procure the right talent for the job. These fast, error-free systems and tools also perform in-depth assessments and conduct simulations to verify the potential of candidates in real-life situations.

Invite Larger Segment of Applicants: The online assessment systems have been beneficial in inviting applicants from all over the world with diverse background without any geographical hurdle and segment them according to the requirements and candidates’ skills and experiences in a less-time consuming and cost-effective ways. The pre-screening and hiring systems use data analytics to identify applicants and their job searches by picking up specific keywords on job portals or social sites.

Leverage Social and Digital Mediums to Interact with Applicants: The online assessment tools saves HR personnel from the trouble of making countless calls, emails or scheduling interviews, share test results or announce openings. The highly automated online tools deliver results, approach and interact with candidates through text messages or system generated, custom emails.

Engage in Productivity Building: Once the HR departments are endowed with the right tools for hiring, the personnel can utilize the saved time, cost and resources to engage in activities that enhance workplace productivity like training and development of existing employees, increase employee well-being and engagement levels and proactively plan and manage future hiring activities.

Identify and Replace Unproductive Areas: The HR department can involve in regular assessment of its internal talent and management to identify core areas that need attention or are plagued with inefficiency to carry out hiring or firing decisions.