Hiring a Mobile Sandblaster Has Many Benefits


Most average businesses don’t have sandblasters on their properties but may encounter times when they need the services of a great sandblaster. Rather than buy a new sandblaster for a few projects or deal with renting one for a specific period of time, it is usually a better idea to work with a company that specialises in sandblasting and can meet your needs. No matter if you need paint, abrasive blasting, or paint removal, an experienced company can easily meet your needs, large and small.

Benefits of Mobile Sandblasting

If you need the services of a sandblaster in Perth, then you likely have a job that you don’t know how to handle by yourself. There are a number of applications where using mobile sandblasting can be beneficial including steel blasting to prepare the surface for paint and protective coatings, wood blasting to get timber looking almost new again after the removal of contaminants and existing coatings, and sandstone rejuvenation to remove contaminants and paint from sandstone buildings to make the building appear freshly finished.

Why Use Blasting Before Surface Coating?

One question that you may ask yourself before committing to hiring a mobile sandblaster is why you should even use abrasive blasting. With so many companies and individuals taking the shortcut of simply painting over existing layers of rust, paint, and other contaminants, it may seem as if the easy way out is to skip the step of sandblasting. Unfortunately for those who skimp on sandblasting, not removing all of the materials from the surface of the item you wish to paint means that any paint applied will look sloppy and will not adhere or last as well. If you want to create a truly protective coating, then you will have to take the time to sandblast your item.

Process Time

While it is an extra preparation step before you can paint or apply a protective coating to the surface of your item, sandblasting actually is very fast in comparison to other cleaning methods. Sanding and wire brushing are both very labour intensive and take a lot of time to ensure that the job is done well. With sandblasting, you will be able to speed up the preparation of the surface by around 75%, which means that you will be able to move onto the next step much faster.

When you hire a company that specialises in mobile sandblasting to clean surfaces for your company, you will be amazed at how quickly the process happens as well as how well your final paint or coating will adhere. While it may be tempting to skip this step to save time and money, you will only end up with a shoddy product that you have to redo or will be unable to sell.