A Guide To Obtaining A Heavy Rigid Vehicle Licence In Australia


If you fancy a change of career and like the idea of the open road and being your own boss, why not become a trucker? The life of a truck driver is never dull, with everyday seeing a new challenge, and there is always a high demand for truck drivers, so you would never be out of work. If you have a current car driving licence, there are specialist training companies who can put you through a one day course and after testing, you will be able to have your truck driving licence endorsed and away you go!

Sourcing the Right Training School

If you would like to obtain a heavy rigid licence, there are online organisations who will give you the necessary training to pass the test, and the course can be completed in a single day. Anyone who wishes to train to be a truck driver must apply for a Unique Student Identifier (USI) number, which you can get at http://www.usi.gov.au/, and once you have been allocated a number, present it to the training school when you enrol.

One on One Training

The best way to learn how to drive a heavy rigid vehicle is with hands-on driving experience, and some training schools do not offer any one on one time with a qualified instructor, so make sure the school you choose does in fact, give you one on one instruction time at the wheel. While group training is fine, nothing beats having the instructor focusing on one student, and research shows that the one on one approach is conducive to optimum learning.

Course Elements

The course is designed to give the student all the knowledge necessary to safely operate a heavy rigid vehicle, and with a combination of theory and practice, the learner is well-prepared for testing. The comprehensive curriculum includes the following:

  • Road Rules & Regulations
  • Hands-On Driving
  • Vehicle Control
  • Reversing Skills
  • Load Securing
  • Driving Attitude

It is also important for the student to experience adequate time at the wheel of the vehicle, and with one on one tuition from the instructor, the learner very quickly acquires the necessary skills to safely operate the vehicle.


Once the training course has been completed, the student can then sit the licence test, which is divided into three sections,

  1. The On-Road Driving Test
  2. Off-Road Reversing – Load Securing
  3. The Theory Test

When applying for the test, the driver must have a Certificate of Competence, which is issued by the driving school upon successful completion of the course.

Truck driving offers both freedom and flexibility, and with two days the same, it makes for an exciting and challenging career. There are registered training schools where you can complete the course in a single day and after you successfully complete the Driving test, you are able to seek work, and of course, truck drivers are always in demand.