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A One Stop Shop for Multi-Utility Connections

Whether a business or a home, the essential utilities must be connected, and with gas, electric and water supplies to arrange, relocating can be a challenging proposition. In former times, this would involve dealing with multiple organisations, each supplying a single utility, and whether it be gas, water, or electricity, they all have their protocols and procedures, which must be adhered to. Modern solutions, however, allow the business owner to call in a single company who handle multi-utility connections, which really does take the frustration out of dealing with several utility providers.

Accredited and Experienced

Ideally, the provider would service the entire country, and unlike small, local meter companies, they can relocate to anywhere in the UK. Working with gas or electricity demands a high level of safety, so accreditation is important, and the provider would also be HSS compliant in their working practices. Their list of clients would typically include large construction companies, where they must provide the essential utilities for housing and commercial estates, and this is another indicator of their performance.

Bespoke Solutions

Every project would be unique and the utility connections might well require small building alterations, which they would handle internally, rather than outsourcing. For larger projects the utility connection company would assign a project manager to oversee the entire operation from start to finish, and the client only has to communicate with one person. Project budgets and deadlines are important, and a nationwide company would have adequate resources to ensure the project is completed on time and to budget.

Telecom Services

Aside from the usual gas, water, and electric supplies, every business must have adequate phone and fax lines installed, not to mention a broadband Internet connection, and you will no doubt be pleased to know that the multi-utility provider can also hook you up with all your telecom needs. Wi-Fi distribution and all essential wiring and cables would be installed, and on the big day, your business is connected in more ways than one.


A major provider would have the resources in place to keep costs to a minimum, and should you require a quotation for any utility connection or relocation, they would be happy to provide a quotation based on the given information. Excellent service doesn’t always have to be expensive, and when you consider how much it would cost if you had several contractors to handle the utility connections, dealing with a single company works out cheaper.

Meter Services

If your company is relocating, you will require the old meters removed and new meters installed at the new premises, and the provider would have a range of metering services available, including upgrading to smart meters, which is proving cost-effective and many businesses are taking advantage of this new technology.

For UK business, there is one national provider who specialises in multi-utility connections, and with a range of other services, you can be sure of receiving excellent service at an affordable price.

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